Bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and corporations.

Spend your time and energy on what matters most - growing your business

You can't make important business decisions without up-to-date numbers...

“I don’t know how much cash we have because our books aren’t up-to-date”

“I can’t make proper business decisions in a timely manner”

“I don’t know where my business is today or if it’s sustainable”

“I am anxious that nothing is getting done”

We’ve worked with many individuals and corporations over the years and they all want the same thing:

  • A responsive and reliable accountant
  • Their books completed on-time each month
  • To focus on the business without worrying about bookkeeping or taxation
  • No surprise calls from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)!

... that's why our prime focus is completing your books on time, every time

At AccountingKW, we take care of your monthly bookkeeping and payroll, and even your year-end taxes, so that you can focus on the parts of business you enjoy.

With us, you’ll benefit from:

Up-to-date books

…so you can see at any given time how much cash you are working with and what you can afford.

Confidence in your business decisions

…as you'll have real-time visibility on performance.

Business growth

…as you'll have more time to dedicate to the business and clarity on its future direction.

A trusted business partner

…who you can call on as and when you need support.

Peace of mind

…that you're compliant and have the information you need to innovate and grow.

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