Personal Tax Preparation

Why Have a Professional Firm Prepare Your Tax Return?

A popular dilemma that constantly arises in today’s world is whether a person should prepare and file their own tax returns without consulting a tax professional. There are important factors to consider when choosing to take this route. Every person needs to properly evaluate their situation to determine whether tax advice is necessary. For instance, if your situation is simple or remains unchanged year over year and you are competent and confident enough to understand the various forms and schedules on an income tax return, then you should, by all means, file your return on your own. However, every situation is different. We, at AccountingKW, provide expert advice to ensure every person pays the amount of tax they are required and nothing more.

Some of the most significant benefits of using our services are that we have a broad knowledge base and can save you time and money by assessing your situation for you, with you. Think about the hours you could save yourself from trying to read through and understand the CRA’s instructions, publications, and/or news releases. If you put a monetary value on your time, you might find that the hours you spend labouring over your tax return ends up costing more than the fee to have a return prepared.

Remember, there is a lot of room for error when it comes to filing various forms on a return. We can help in this regard by properly detailing where any balance owing or refund comes from.

Some of the personal tax-related services we offer are:

• Personal E-Filing
• Returns for deceased individuals
• Self-Employed Profit & Loss Calculations
• Investment Income / Loss Computation
• Prior Years Return Filing
• Appeals to Canada Revenue Agency


Personal tax returns start at $49.99+HST (includes 4 free slips and eFiling). See the list below for a breakdown of all fees.

Description  Price
T1 Federal Return  $    49.99
T1 Paper Filing  $    14.99
Dep Dependant – per dependant  $    19.99
Dep Dependant(s) – per transfer of tuition  $    19.99
Donations Donations Worksheet – per item  $       2.49
Foreign Foreign Income Slips – per slip  $       4.99
Immigrant/Emigrant Determination of Proration Requirements for Immigrants and Emigrants  $    49.99
Medical Medical Expenses – per item  $       2.49
NetCapLoss Net Capital Losses  $    19.99
NonCapLoss Non-Capital Losses  $    19.99
ONBEN Application for the Ontario Trillium Benefit and the Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant  $       5.99
ONS2 Provincial Amounts Transferred from Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner  $       9.99
ONS11 Provincial Tuition and Education Amounts  $       9.99
RC62 Universal Child Care Benefit Statement (UCCB)  $       2.99
RRSP RRSP Contributions – per slip  $       3.99
RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan – per schedule  $       5.99
RRSP Lifelong Learning Plan – per schedule  $       5.99
S5 Caregiver for spouse or eligible Dependant – per claim  $    29.99
S11 Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts  $       9.99
StudentLoan Student Loan Interest Worksheet  $       6.99
T1M Moving Expenses Deduction  $    49.99
T3 T3 Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4 T4 Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4A T4A Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4AOAS T4A(OAS) – per slip  $       3.99
T4AP T4A(P) Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4ARCA T4A-RCA Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4E T4E Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4PS T4PS Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4RIF T4RIF Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T4RSP T4RSP Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T5 T5 Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T776 Statement of Real Estate Rentals  $    99.99
T777 Statement of Employment Expenses – per schedule  $    49.99
T778 Child Care Expenses Deduction  $    3.99
T1223 Clergy Residence Deduction  $    49.99
T2091WS Principal Residence Worksheet  $       9.99
T2125 Statement of Business or Professional Activities  $    99.99
T2121Home T2121 – Business Use of Home – per schedule  $    14.99
T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment  $    49.99
T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate  $    99.99
T5007 T5007 Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T5008 T5008 Slips – per slip  $       3.99
T5013 T5013 Slips – per slip  $       3.99
TL2 Claim for Meals and Lodging Expenses – per schedule  $    99.99
TP1 Quebec Income Tax Return  $  129.99
TP1ADJ Request for an Adjustment to an Income Tax Return  $    49.99

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