Corporate Tax Return Preparation

Do You Have a Corporation For Which A Corporate Tax Return Needs to Be Filed?

Did you know that all resident Canadian corporations have to file a Corporate (T2) Return for every tax year, even if the corporation is not active? That means that even corporations that do not have any business activity are required to file a return with the Canada Revenue Agency. It can be confusing and frustrating to complete a corporate return with accuracy and skill. Given the constant changes in taxation laws, it becomes more and more difficult to prepare your return and understand where any of the balances are coming from. This will just lead to further distress when your fiscal year end comes.

At AccountingKW, we will adequately explain your tax situation in terms that are simple enough so that you can continue to address the areas that really matter to you – the business activities themselves! No matter what your circumstances, we will take the necessary time to explain any questions you may have.

Corporate Tax Strategies

Effective strategies ensure you do not pay more tax than you are required to. This will allow you to put further funds into expanding your business. Through various corporate structures and appropriate remunerations options, we can help you adequately prepare your business to minimize your tax exposure. Our team can help you with:
• Preparation and Filing of Corporate Tax and Information Returns or Re-Filing of Returns
• Tax Planning Structures to Minimize Taxes
• Advising of Tax Implications of Certain Transactions
• Identifying Potential Benefits with Tax Deferrals
• Scientific Research & Experimental Research (SR&ED) Tax Computations
• Providing Audit Support with the Canada Revenue Agency

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