Our Story

Our story begins in the summer of 2014. Prior to the establishment of AccountingKW, Igor Ivanisevic and Mico Radulovic, worked for a diverse set of employers across various industries. During this time, they identified significant red tape with the organizations they worked for which limited their evolution and adaptation to growing client needs. So, they came up with a simple idea – put customer satisfaction at the core front of your firm’s values while providing professional help.

What started as a simple idea to treat individuals and businesses fairly, has transformed the firm into the success it is today. AccountingKW serves clients in a wide array of industries and ensures individuals and businesses get the support they need, when they need it. Throughout their short history, they’ve retained and passed down their positive spirit from their founding days to their clientele, priding themselves on their personable approach, loyalty, and customer focus.

AccountingKW was incorporated in November of 2014 under the name Igor Ivanisevic Professional Corporation. With hard work and determination of the two original founders, the company hired their first employee, Chad Boudreau, in the beginning of 2016.

After careful consideration Igor and Mico decided to rebrand the company mid 2016 with the new and current name of AccountingKW Professional Corporation. This rebranding and effective marketing created enormous demand for the company forcing them to seek for another employee.

In January of 2017, AccountingKW was able to recruit an intelligent and sought after individual from the CRA. Dejan Ivanisevic has been and continues to be a driving force in the company’s expedition growth.

For the individuals and businesses who come to us to for support whether in the past, present, or future, we are proud to call you our friends.