Canada Revenue Agency Representation

Tax Disputes

There are various situations under which tax disputes arise between the Canada Revenue Agency and individuals or corporations. There are even situations where the CRA will not adequately listen or address your viewpoints. We work with you to provide accurate representation to manage and resolve tax disputes that arise with the CRA which allows for protection of your assets while reducing the risk of future audits. Over the course of time we have been in business, we have supported several clients through the audit, appeals, and collections processes with the CRA. During these processes, we have saved and retrieved significant monies for our clients.

Representation Services Provided

Our dedicated team of staff will work to protect your interests through the following services:
• Direct communication with CRA
• Examination of All Related Documentation
• Contesting Audits Through Written Representation Conveying Facts Under the Income Tax Act
• Providing Necessary Supporting Documentation

Once the CRA calls, we recommend you take proper control by getting proper assistance to help you through the process. This will effectively cut down the time spent working on the audit, make sure all of your documents are organized, and that all timelines are adhered to.

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